Free paid android games

Today generation has passing with a electronic world and its creatures. The modern kids are gets addicted with the software games which are downloaded from the online sites. Playing these games are very easy and interesting.  So that people are going to download these games from the online portals. There are basically two methods are available in downloading the Android games, which are explained as,

  • Free download android games,
  • Paid download android games,

Free download android games:

These software games are downloaded from the websites via online. All you need to have is to get a download for games is internet connection with a average or high speed. The free downloaded games will not cost you any money but you need to have a trustless internet connection.

Because most of the online games are need high memory storage to store it on your devices which has the file size above than 30mb. Once any interruption is occur the download will fail and for the next time, you have to download the whole file again.

Paid download android games:

The main difference between the free downloaded android games with a paid downloaded android games is you have to pay money for downloading the games from websites via online portals. Main advantages with paid download games are,

The paid games are giving you more assurance of security than free games which build by designers of the gaming websites. In addition to security options, the paid download games are offer you a plenty of features which cannot even imagine by the users.

How to download the free paid android games?

One of the best way to download free paid android games is to download via website. The play store is a universal app which is full of many great Android app games. Even though there are 1000 of free games apps are available in the play store, there also plenty of paid free download games present in the play store.

Google play free app of the week:

You all may familiar with using the google play store to download all kinds of paid free games, other than that the google play also has taken a leaf out of amazon’s book and introduced a new free app for every week promotion, where a previously paid app for download is always available for nothing.

It is job to promote their business by means of advertising on the app store so that for every app they download from the app store will contain a add about the Amazon company. This app is called as Google play app of the week.

If you want to access the google play free app of the week, you need to use your device to visit the family section of the play store. Now you can see a banner for a promising a free app of the week. When you tab it, then you will see an installation dialogue which tells that you what app is and what it the normal cost of that app. In addition to that, you can also gets a summary, title, and icon about the app.

Let us see the easy way to download the paid Android games via a market in more detail view as a step by step process.

Google play surveys:

Google provide you a credit points when you are exchange the answers before you survey it. All you need to do for achieve this facility is simply download and install the Google opinion rewards app, and fill in a short survey to collect you coins from google play store.

By using the coins you had won from the google play you can download the paid games from the Google play store as a free app. If you are becomes familiar with using this app you can easily earn up to 100 dollars per survey.

There is also another app present with google play called get paid apps free, where you can find more videos about the paid games or the detail view about the selected apps in exchange credits which can be used to buy other apps in the Google play store.

Some other apps to download the free paid games:

There are many more apps are available in the market which are active as a app store and offers you to download the paid games in free manner without any cost, some of them are explained below,

Ac market is a app which act as app store to download free paid games.a important point to note is, and AC market is needed to have a android app for a free paid games for download because of the selection. There is a solid choice of apps in the play store, some of them are already heard by you and some of them are not heard by you already. Also, all mods are work very well. You can use the AC market app as a alternative for play store, for that all you need to do is, follow the below steps,

  • Go to settings in your android mobile
  • Go to security within the settings options,
  • Go to unknown sources options
  • Make sure that the box in that field is get checked
  • Then download market fromits official website
  • Now install this app in your android mobile,
  • Open up the AC market app,
  • Search for the any paid Android game you want from play store app,
  • Finally, download and install it on your device.

Download the paid free games by means of AIO Downloader:

The AIO Downloader is appreciated as all-in-one downloader which is another Android app used to download the free paid games for your android mobile. This app has 1000 of paid game apps and allow it to get paid android apps and games for free manner.

This app also contains two different sections to get paid app for downloads and free games for download. Apart from these two types, the AIO Downloader app contains more and more games which are categorized as the region for locked apps and wifi hacking apps, astrology apps, cooking apps and some more categories in it.

When you are go for choosing a AIO Downloader app for downloading the free paid games then you have do all the above steps in a market app downloading and installation process except downloading the main pack from the official website of  AIO Downloader.

Some  other legal ways to download the paid android apps for free:

There are multiple legal ways percent in online to download the paid Android apps with free cost, which are all listed and explained below,

App of the day:

It is true that you can download any costly paid online games in free manner without any cost.  App of the day is one of the best way to achieve this task, which is also an Android app which gets locked every day. If you want to download a paid game then you need to unlock the app of day first then you can able to download any game from online as a free app.

Freapp – free apps daily:

This app is mostly similar to the app of the day, which gives another way to download any of the paid game as a free game. A main advantage of this app is that it will gives a free app every day and offers heavy discounts on others.

Amazon underground:

Amazon underground is a official program which is contacted by the Amazon company. The main theme of this program is to offer many more paid Android games as a free games without cost, by means of that they can get more popularity between the people without making any advertisements. This program has comes to end very soon as for the owners of amazon’s Fire tablets, this free program will continue until the end of 2019. Other Android device owners need to act fast and grab the apps before may 31.

Play store sales:

The play store sales is a another way to get paid android apps for free and avail heavy discounts on some of them. Differ from all other above ways this is a online website which offer you to download the games directly from website. You can bookmark this website and take a look at it regularly to find your favorite apps.

Android4Fun: is consider as the world’s largest third-party Android app store and mobile applications distribution platform which can be operated on daily at least 26 million apps downloads. In this app store, you can find all kind of apps with high cost as well as low cost and free games. This app is consider as one of the best alternative for Google app store to download the android app games.

Apart from all above ways and apps there also some other methods available to download the paid free games via online.