What to Expect from Overwatch Summer Games 2017

The Summer games event will be returning to Overwatch this year giving you a chance to finally get your hands on any of the skins you missed in 2016, but what new content and cosmetics will be added along with it? The Summer games was Overwatch’s very first event, held in August last year, and was themed heavily around the Rio Olympics that was taking place at the same time. However unlike the Olympics the summer games is an annual event, as confirmed in this quote from Jeff Kaplan last year: “We will run it again next year. Our Summer Games are on a yearly schedule, not a 4 yearly schedule. Our plan would be to have the items available again when the event recurs. Perhaps we add new content to it as well? Were not sure yet… we’re seeing what works and what doesn’t.” So we know for sure the Summer games is coming back, and although Jeff sounded skeptical about adding new content I think that after such a huge success over the past year they will almost certainly be bringing something new to the event.

Lucio Ball

Lucio Ball will hopefully be making a return, it was too much fun just to put aside and there are millions of new players who never got to experience it, but could they also add a new sports themed gamemode? Perhaps something themed around a race? Maybe taking some ideas from games like Mario Cart and offering power ups along the way?! What about if everyone plays a Reinhardt with never ending charge! Or perhaps Tracer and there are pits you have to blink over, or moving platforms? As for cosmetics, there is loads of potential for new skins. Last year we got 12 skins, mainly themed around a character’s nationality. It would be awesome for some of the heroes who missed out last year to get their patriotic skins this year, but I would also love to see some more based around actual sporting events. Maybe something archery themed for Hanzo, perhaps widowmaker gets something based on Gymnastics or Figure skating, maybe Zenyatta gets a Taekwondo outfit complete with a black belt, you get the idea! There is also some potential for amazing highlight intros for many heroes that didn’t get one last year.

Lucio Ball 2

How about Zenyatta playing table tennis with his orbs?! Or Pharah playing basketball with a crazy high hoop! Also, just incase you wanted some more confirmation that the summer games is on the developers minds, this spray for Mei was added during the uprising event! And recently some players datamined the assets for a new golden lootbox, and along with it they found sound effects that resemble those from the Summer Games 2016 loot boxes. So its quite likely that this golden lootbox could be for Summer Games 2017. But when will the event begin?! Well with the anniversary event ending on June 12th that gives us a little over 7 weeks until August which was when it previously took place, that’s following the schedule we saw Overwatch take with events in 2016, but in 2017 they have had shorter gaps with Year of the rooster coming just 3 weeks after winter wonderland, and the anniversary event also coming 3 weeks after uprising event. So do you think we will see another event before the summer games? Or maybe the start date of the summer games will be brought forward, perhaps to allow space for another ingame event before halloween? Of course they could just leave a 7 week gap and that would be very reasonable, especially if something else was to happen during that time like a new hero being added to the game….

What are you hoping to get out of the Summer Games 2017? Did you miss a skin last year or are you hoping for a new one to add your collection, let Let me know in the comments below! As always  thanks for reading, and enjoy the game.